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FINLAND, Mikkeli area, Villas and the Mansion hotel, own lake Puulavesi shoreline, freehold land 8.5 ha, listing H1100

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EASTERN FINLAND, Mikkeli 30 km, Helsinki 215 km, sub-region centre 4 km, six Villas and the Mansion hotel for 87 guests, own lake Puulavesi shoreline, land 8.5 ha, listing H1100
Villas and hotel for 87 guests, 2 restaurants for 200 guests, 2 conference rooms for 60 guests each.

Location: in 215 km from Helsinki (2 h 15 min by car) or in 30 km from Mikkeli (25 min by car), the nearest local center in 4 km.
Square: 4152/4702 m2
EASTERN FINLAND, Mikkeli 30 km (25 min by car), Helsinki 215 km (2 h 15 min by car), sub-region centre 4 km.

Six Villas and the Mansion hotel for 87 guests, 2 restaurants for 200 guests, 2 conference rooms for 120 guests.

Airport (Mikkeli): only for private planes. International airport: Jyvaskyl? 100km or Helsinki 215km.

Quiet, private location in the forest park, ideal for summer or winter relaxing holidays with fishing, for private or company parties and activity. A group of famous Finnish musicians have stayed at this hotel during each summer for the past few years, finding a suitable atmosphere for musical creativity and musical TV program creation. Hence, prominent Finnish musical TV shows have been produced and filmed in this hotel.

The central location with many industrial cities around (Jyvaskylä, Pieksämäki, Varkaus, Savonlinna, Imatra and Lappeenranta, Kouvola, Lahti and Helsinki).

The hotel has own shoreline with sandy beach along the big lake Puulavesi whose crystal clear waters contain trout and whitefish. The Puulavesi lake waterfront freehold lot is 89470 m2.

Hotel properties:

- Hotel building (2500 m2) built in 1928, renovated in 2008. Wireless Internet, 20 guest rooms for 39 people, 2 restaurant hall for 100 people, buffet, restaurant kitchen, lounge, sauna department, 2 conference rooms for 60 people each;

- Banquet building (650 m2), one restaurant for 100 people and dance banquet place for 250 people;

- Five beachfront villas (97 m2 each) with own waterfront, for 6 people each;

- One beachfront villa (167 m2) by the beach with own waterfront, for 10 people;

- Guesthouse (70 m2), for 8 people;

- Permission to build more five villas, 100 m2 each;

- Building (450/600 m2): living area and shop (450 m2), cold storage space (150 m2). For the hotel staff or can be renovated for extra hotel rooms.

- (option) 4km away lake waterfront two-storey residential 5 bedrooms wooden house (229 m2), separate guesthouse (27m2) with sauna, own sandy shoreline, carport for 2 cars with a small storage, 4km away from the hotel on the Puulavesi lake waterfront freehold lot of 3140m2.

9 500 000 €

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