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Real Estate in Finland and in the Caribbean
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About founder and company:

Inter Nes Oy World Haus, started it's activity from 1.11.1993, located in the heart of Helsinki in Ludviginkatu.

WORLD HAUS was registered in 2006 as the trade name for real estate developments and international realty.

The founder of the company Mrs. Natalie Erikkilä (MS in Philosophy, University of Turku, 1992, lecturer in early 1993 at High Business School of Turku), was one of the first, after the Soviet Union collapsed, who focused her philosophy and business activity on marketing and trade, in Russia and the Baltic countries, of Finnish kitchen high-end production, designed by Mrs. Erikkilä.

In 1995 Inter Nes Oy acquired sole distributorship in Finland, the Baltics countries (until 2009) and Russia (until 2005), for the high-end Küppersbusch brand of household kitchen appliances from Germany.

Armed with personal ambition, a clear vision,  and highly effective marketing skills, Mrs. Erikkilä embarked upon an intensive personal effort to build the Inter Nes Oy international high-end kitchen distribution network concept. Inter Nes Oy became a leading company in high-end kitchen technology distribution in Latvian and Russian market. Between 2001 and 2005 Inter Nes Oy 's international distribution network included about 100 kitchen studios, architects, interior designers and construction companies. As a result and particularly in the Latvian and Russian markets where it had established offices, and where the high-end kitchen concept was most appreciated by consumers, the company had tremendous business success.

Mrs. Erikkilä was one of the sponsors of an exclusive Real Estate, Architect Design and Construction award ceremony in Latvia market. Mrs. Erikkilä (Inter Nes Oy) has sponsored the ceremony and nomination for “The Best New Residential Building Construction Project, Luxury Residential Building Construction and Historical Residential Building Renovation” categories. The ceremony took place at the historical centre “House of the Blackheads” in Riga (Latvia) on the 13th of October 2006.

By the invitation of the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce, the Foreign Real Estate Exhibition “Salon of Foreign Real Estate” and Business college of Espoo in Finland,  Mrs. Erikkilä was a speaker seminars for real estate professionals, lawyers, journalists and investors.

With long-term experience in entrepreneurship, high-end interior design, international trade and real estate investing, Mrs. Erikkilä has registered in 2006 the trade name "World Haus" for her business activity in real estate development and international realty.

Mrs. Erikkilä (Inter Nes Oy World Haus) was one of the first in Finland and Russia who offered Finnish real estate to Russian investors in the Russian market, and has built a wide real estate agent network in Russia, and additionally in Germany with her German partner.

By the invitation of Chinese companies, and due to personal marketing interests, Mrs. Erikkilä (Inter Nes Oy World Haus) as one of the first companies in Finland, started the marketing of real estate investment projects in China from 2013  as well the participation in real estate and investment exhibitions in China.

World Haus has over the years participated in multiple international interior design, real estate and investment exhibitions in various countries: Germany (Cologne), Latvia (Riga), Russia (Moscow, St.Petersburg, Yekaterinburg), Ukraine (Kiev), China (Wenzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou).

World Haus offers to investors and real estate buyers:

- high-end turnkey eco villa and hotel boutique developments in Finland and St. Lucia (the Caribbean),

- quality middle-class housing developments in Finland and St. Lucia,

- high-end luxury residential and vacation real estate for wealthy individual investors and buyers,

- quality middle-class real estate for individual investors and buyers,

- investments with net guarantee income (no less than 4%) from commercial real estate rental income and from residential and vacation real estate development projects for all investors and investment companies,

- investment and finance management,

- assistance with visa-free travel and residence permits in Finland, as well as economic citizen passports in St. Lucia for investors who invest into World Haus development projects in Finland and St. Lucia.

Inter Nes Oy World Haus celebrates on 1.11.2018, its 25th anniversary!



Our participation in Investment and International Real Estate Exhibitions from 2007 - 2016:

Russia: St.Petersburg, Moscow, Jekaterinburg, from 2007 - ;

Latvia/Riga: February 2008; 

Ukraine/Kiev: February 2009;   

China/Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Chengdu, 2013 - 2019.



Ludviginkatu 3-5 A9
00130 Helsinki
Tel. +358 400 299 478
Tel. +358 400 926 846

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